My name is Abby I am a life long book geek. The first book I ever fell into was Treasure Island and from then, I grew up wanting to be a female pirate. Hence the blog name! I am originally from Lancashire but now live at the coast. When I can’t be found down the beach, reading books & drinking rum, I can be found watching UFC!

Over the last 3 years I have read over 800 books. A wide variety of genres including crime, thriller, psychological, YA, historical, horror, non-fiction etc. I tend to float amongst the genre’s and will read anything if I like the sound of it. I am a member of Goodreads and netgalley, I review everything I read. All my reviews are 100% my own honest opinion, always accurate & relevant to the novel itself. I am also an admin of a Fb group which covers ww2 fiction novel, called ‘second world war club’.

Favourite authors include: Belinda Bauer, MP Wright, Tom Rob Smith, Greg Iles, A A Dhand, George RR Martin, Winston Graham, Vaseem Khan, Sarah Pinborough, Walter Mosley, Sarah Lots,  Marlon James, Steve Cavanagh, Nic Stone, Ray Celestin, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, Christopher Golden, Lloyd Otis, Mo Hayder, Val Mcdermid, Nikola Scott, Brian Freeman, Louise Beech, Imran Mahmood, Sarah ward, Michael Wood, Deam Meyer, David young, Joe Ide, Jane Thynne, Paul Tremblay, Thomas Mullen, Nick Quantrill, Ken follett, Anthony Horowitz, Kerensa Jennings, Qasim Rashid, Sharon Bolton, Martina Cole, Abir Mukherjee, Stephen King, Ausma Khan, Lesley Pearse etc

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  1. Wish I could read that many books – it seems to take me forever, unless I LOVE it of course. I’d be very happy for you to review mine! Anyway, thanks for the comments/follow/and support! Tom


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